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Welcome to Kern Honey
Our pure, raw, unpasteurized honey is not only the best tasting honey, it is also packed with healthy benefits and can help reduce allergies.
"Kern Honey cleared up my allergies."
- Long time resident of Bakersfield who ate one or two teaspoons a day.
Why Our Local Raw Honey is Special

An old truth revisited - pure local honey can help your health in many ways*. Here is why:

100% Nectar Honey - Straight from the comb honey - without any corn syrup added or given to the bees - is honey as nature intented. As fully as it can be with enzymes, pollens, trace minerals, amino acids, and more. Get the details in Honey & Health.

Undamaged - Honey, in its purest form, is never over-heated which separates out all kinds of beneficial elements. We leave in the honey crystal. Truly raw honey usually crystallizes. There is nothing wrong with crystallized honey, and you can warm the jar to thin it back to original consistency.

Unfiltered - Unpasteurized and unprocessed Kern Honey Allergy Guard has pollen, comb, propolis, and bee's wax. One taste and you taste and feel the richness of it. There are no additives, and no corn syrup is placed near the hives. In time it will crystallize because it is so pure.

No Pesticides - Flower blossoms in the immediate area of the mobile hives do not have pesticides.

Organic Honey? - The FDA will not allow any honey to be labeled organic. Honey bees can fly anywhere to harvest nectar. They usually stay close to their hive but there is no way to guarantee that one bee did not fly to nnon-organic nectar.

Raw honey is safe and natural. Try some today!

Available in 16 ounce glass jars, Kern Honey Allergy Guard may vary in color, taste, and texture. No additives or corn syrup is put near the hives or in the honey.

Have Kern Allergies? 
Try Kern Honey.

There may be truth to the theory of oral tolerance which reasons that humans become accustomed to things they ingest. That's basically what an allergy shot is, allowing the body to overcome allergens by giving the allergen in a different way. So, if people consume local pollens via pollen rich honey they ingest what may be needed to diminish allergic reactions!*

We are proud to present the many and varying health benefits of Kern Honey Allergy Guard to local residents and anyone driving through Kern County.

Available in Bakersfield at:

Available in "Allergy Guard"
A tasty and healthy blend of local area honeys that may in include some or all of the following honey's collected from orange, sage, weed, wild flower, alfalfa, buckwheat, cotton, almond, and more. Each batch looks and tastes different, offering a larger spectrum of exposure to nectars and trace pollens when taken throughout the year.

Due to the popularity of the Allergy Guard blend it is now the only Kern Honey available. If you enjoyed the individual honey varieties in the past you will enjoy this single product as much or more. Let us know what you think after your first taste!

Print our Popular "Health Benefits and FAQ Sheet" (PDF 73k)

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.