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Honey & Health*
You may have heard it from friends or family, or even a natural health specialist, but for those of us or our loved ones suffering from allergies we can hardly believe it is true - that eating local raw honey can help overcome local airborne allergies. Kern Honey Allergy Guard has pollens that encourage the bodies own immune system to fight off allergic reactions, much like allergy shots do.

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Our Approach

We are not here to claim a cure-all, but for many the chances are worth the effort to see if local honey will indeed diminish their allergies and hay fever.  For some it will work marvels and they will be able to go off their allergy medications. For others it may not do much at all, but even if it doesn't raw honey has benefits and taste you may not want to pass up! CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE STOPPING ANY MEDICATION.

Fact Finding

Though testimonies about honey helping a friend or loved one are plenty enough proof for someone to try raw natural honey, there is science about honey that the majority of the public is not aware of. It is not just a sugar alternative in a cute bear jar! Honey will surprise you - check out some of these facts.

FACT: Did you know that during World War 1 honey was the wound balm of choice among some doctors? Turns out that raw honey has HO2 healing properties and is an antimicrobial. It has been used by our ancestors for millennia to treat skin problems.

FACT: Did you know natural, raw, unheated honey never goes bad. That says something right there! It is one of natures few foods that can be taken and consumed and kept without processing.  It will crystallize, but setting the jar in warm water (never boiling or microwaving) will bring it back to liquid form.

Instead of rewriting all the wonderful information found at the National Honey Board we have a link to it here and encourage you to spend time reading about the incredible health benefits of raw honey. http://www.honey.com/honey-at-home/honeys-natural-benefits/

Here is another helpful reference online that talks about what is in unprocessed honey and what it can do for us. http://www.bees-online.com/HealthBenefitsOfHoney.htm

Try your own search to find some of honey's healing properties for things such as ulcers, internal and external issues, honey's antibacterial properties, burn healing abilities, its ancient uses, and ability to stop infection.

Author Note: One of our family favorites is a morning and evening glass of warm water with a tablespoon of both Kern Honey and Raw Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. Sleep is more sound, one is more regular, acid reflux disappears, and gallstone symptoms subside. It's absolutely wonderful.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.